EMS Surveys and Statistical Programs

The North American EMS Statistical Program collects bookings and shipments data from EMS companies monthly and reports the aggregate data by type of production and company size tier.

At the end of every quarter, the participating companies also have the opportunity to participate in a survey on financial and operational performance. This quarterly business metrics survey covers earnings, cost of goods sold (COGS), sales general and administrative (SG&A) costs, direct labor and materials, and return on value added as percentages of sales. Inventory turns, capacity utilization, cash-to-cash cycle time and days sales outstanding are also covered.

Participating companies receive free subscriptions to the monthly North American EMS Market Report and the quarterly North American EMS Business Performance Report.

Statistical program participation is free and open exclusively to EMS companies with one or more IPC memberships. Program participants must commit to providing data for one calendar year. Annual and biennial surveys are open to both IPC members and nonmembers.

The statistical programs and studies in the table below are open to participation by EMS companies. Clicking on the program/survey titles will show the questions in recent surveys.

Overview of Surveys for EMS Companies

Statistical Program or Study Geographic Scope Frequency Survey Open Date Survey Due Date Report Publication Date
EMS Statistical Program (market survey) North America Monthly 1st of the month 15th of the month First week of the following month
EMS Statistical Program (optional business performance survey) North America Quarterly 1st of the month after quarter end 25th of the month after quarter end 5-6 weeks after quarter end
Quality Benchmark Survey Global Annual February March May-June
Wage Rate & Salary Survey North America Biennial
(odd years)
September October December

To participate in a survey or statistical program, and obtain the survey links, please contact Piyamart Holmgren at IPC, +1 847-597-2868 or PiyamartHolmgren@ipc.org.