North American Competitiveness

Emerging/Critical Interconnection Technology (E/CIT) Program

The Emerging/Critical Interconnection Technology E/CIT program was established to strengthen the abilities of both the DoD and the North American printed circuit board (PCB) industry to support the military’s unique printed board requirements through an integrated program of research, education, and industrial extension. The program facilitates solutions to current military problem areas as well as evaluating new leading edge design and manufacturing technologies for future military and commercial requirements prior to adoption by printed board manufacturers. The E/CIT program assures the military has the latest technical capabilities, processes and equipment available for design, manufacture and test for integration and repair into legacy systems in the field when these needs cannot be fulfilled by industry.

Second, the program will continue the advancement and integration of key emerging technologies into unique DoD specific applications. These technology areas include advanced fabrication capability development, embedded passives, alternate laminate development (Liquid Crystal Polymer- LCP) and quick-turn reverse engineering solutions for PCBs.

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