Export Controls

  • Many countries around the world implement export controls and investment restrictions to safeguard their national security interests.
  • IPC empowers its members to advocate for policies to bolster national security in their native countries.
  • IPC supports export controls and investment restrictions that are clear, appropriate, and reflective of the highly inter-connected nature of the global electronics supply chain. 

Export Controls in Flux

U.S. Export control rules have changed significantly over the last decade, and more changes are expected. If your company does any exporting, check out this blog for key takeaways from a recent IPC workshop.

U.S. Reforms Export and Investment Policies

Under a 2018 law, the U.S. Government is modernizing the way it reviews foreign investment in US companies. Learn more on the US Treasury’s website.

U.S. PCB Export Controls

IPC was a key player in the last round of policy debate on U.S. export controls affecting the electronics industry. Have a look back at that debate and the positive outcome for IPC members.

Seeking Experts on EU Dual-Use Export Controls

IPC is working with other high-tech industry associations to advise the European Commission on technical aspects of the EU’s export controls on dual-use and digital technologies. If you or someone you know is interested in this topic, please contact Chris Mitchell.