Frequently Asked Questions: Member Support

Member Support Services
IPC's Member Support department is open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Central Standard Time. For questions, please call +1 847-597-2862.

Services IPC Provides
Training and Certification
Management Programs
Conferences and Exhibitions
Professional Development – Technical Education
Market Research
Statistical Programs
Public Policy Advocacy

In which languages are your publications available?
All documents are available in English. Additional languages if available are listed on IPC’s website If your company is interested in partnering with IPC on new translations, please contact IPC technical team at

What are the available document formats that IPC offers?
IPC documents are provided in electronic and hard copy formats.

  • Hard Copy — A professionally printed and bound document.
  • CD or Download — Single-user electronic format allows one user to access the document from one stand-alone computer. Non-printable.
  • Kit — Includes a printed document and a single-user CD. (this option will not be available going forward)

How can I update my company name on the invoice?
To update your company contact information, please email your request to and include the invoice number, the current listed information and new information.

Can IPC bill to a non-member address and ship to a member address?
Yes, IPC can do that for you, however, non-member rates will apply. A Purchase Order cannot be accepted. Prepayments by credit card, check or wire transfer would be required.

Can IPC bill to a Member address and ship to a Non-member address?
Yes, IPC can do that for you, however, non-member rates will apply. Prepayments by credit card, check or wire transfer would be required.

How does the IPC quantity discount work on orders with multiple exams/products?
The 10 percent quantity discount is applied to an order for an IPC training center or an IPC Distributer who orders 20 or more of the same IPC product. This also includes CQI online exams but does not include the EDGE products.

What information is needed to place an order for training material?
You need to provide the following information: Exact address of the location where training is taking place (to receive member price the location must be a member), the name of the IPC certified Trainer (certification status must be up to date and to receive a member price the trainer must train at the member location), course name/course ID, product ID, quantity and/or number of modules (single module for $10 or full exam for $35).

Where can I find the price list for all the IPC products?
To find a specific product and it’s price go IPC Online Store. - A price is provided for both members and nonmembers. - To receive member pricing, your site address needs to be an IPC member. - Please refer to the “How to become a member of IPC” question section. Currently, certification material is not available online.

What do I do if I have a question about a particular standard?
For questions about IPC standards or specifications, e-mail, or call the IPC Technical Department at +1 847-597-2830. Please include your name as well as phone or fax number in case there is a problem with your e-mail address.

How do I get member pricing?
IPC members receive a discount of up to 50 percent off nonmember prices on most products available in IPC Online Store. For more information about IPC membership, visit the membership page on IPC’s website or contact Membership is site specific.

Why do I have to log in to add products in my shopping cart?
Identifying you in our database enables us to correctly calculate the appropriate prices for your order.

How can I place an order?
You can order online using Master Card, Visa, American Express or Diners Club. You can also call the IPC Member Support department at +1 847-597-2862 or e-mail Please have your shipping address and credit card information available if calling by phone.

Can I change my order?
If you'd like to make changes or corrections to an existing order placed online, please contact the Member Support department by email at If the order has gone to the warehouse or been shipped no changes can be made.

Can IPC provide a quote?
If you are sending prepayment by check or wire transfer or simply need a quote for approval purposes, please contact IPC’s Member Support department at A quote including shipping and handling, or the handling fee if shipping on your account number can be processed and sent by e-mail. Please include full company details as well as the item(s), including the product ID and quantity required of each.

What are IPC’s shipping and handling polices?
IPC ships U.S. and Canadian orders via UPS. Overseas orders are sent via FedEx. Orders are processed the same day they're received until 1:00 pm Central Standard Time. Orders received after 1:00 pm Central Standard Time are processed and sent to the warehouse the following business day.

IPC can ship on your UPS, FEDEX, and DHL account number. If IPC ships on your account number a handling fee will be charged and will show up as a separate line item. Please contact Customer Service at for a quote including the handling fee. Please provide full company details including the shipping company, account number and shipping method.

We are happy to provide your company with a quote including the shipping and handling charges. Please e-mail the Member Support team at

What is IPC’s order processing time?
Processing usually takes 1-5 business days. Shipping normally takes up to 5 business days, unless you upgraded to express shipping. Some items process and ship faster than others, but most orders will be delivered within 10 business days from purchase.

What is IPC’s return policy?
Need to return an item? Within 21 days of receipt of your shipment, you may return any item except for downloadable products, graphic images, CQI, EDGE material or certain documents, for a full refund (not including shipping and handling). To ensure you receive credit for your return or that the item can be returned, please call +1 847-597-2862 or e-mail BEFORE you ship the item(s) back.

IPC distributors and training and certification centers can return items beyond 21 days of product receipt.

I received my order, but had to return it. - Can the credit be applied towards another purchase rather than my credit card?
Yes, if the return is done within 21 days of receipt of your shipment. - Please call us at +1 847-597-2862 or e-mail and have your invoice number available. - Keep in mind that, - you may return any item except for downloadable products, graphic images, CQI, EDGE material or certain documents, for a full refund (not including shipping and handling).

How secure is IPC’s online ordering system?
The safety and security of your order is of the highest priority to us. We ensure that your internet transactions stay private and protected by encrypting information through our secure server software. Your data, including name, address, and credit card number, cannot be read by anyone else while the information travels from your computer to our server. Once your order reaches us, your credit card number is stored on a system that has no connection to the internet.

Will IPC share my information with other parties?
We know that you care how your customer information is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust. From time to time, IPC may send you information via e-mail about programs or products that may assist you in your job or help your organization. We do not sell your information to others. If you want to be removed from future promotional e-mails, please contact Data Entry at or call +1 847-597-2897.

Are IPC products available for resale?
IPC products are not available for resale without permission from or agreement with IPC.

I placed an order online and provided payment information. - How can I confirm my order went through?
All online orders have an invoice associated with them. - To see all the invoices associated with your account, please login to your account by clicking on Manage My Account and logging in and then clicking on My Invoices tab, then select the invoice by clicking on the invoice number.

Why is my account on credit hold?
Accounts are placed on credit hold when there is a balance due to IPC. - Please contact IPC Member Support department at +1 847-597-2862 to pay the outstanding balance.

I paid all my invoices, why is my order on hold?
Your order, or a single item on your order may be on hold due to a backorder. IPC is committed to serving its customers in a most efficient and timely manner. From time to time, items may need to be backordered.

How can I obtain an invoice?
For a copy of an invoice, please e-mail If an invoice is needed at the time of the order, please request this when the order is placed.

Which publication formats are available?
IPC Publications are generally available in paper, PDF electronic format and on CD/DVD. In our Online Store, you can view all available document formats.

I sent a check payment two weeks ago, but it has not yet been applied. - why?
Domestic checks take 3-5 days to clear. - International checks take as long as a month to clear. - Please call IPC Member Support department at +1 847-597-2862 or e-mail to make sure your payment was received.

How do documents in Downloadable version work?
You may order downloadable documents online, directly through Member Support or through an IPC distributors directory listed on IPC’s website. - Once the order has been placed or prepayment has been received from nonmember companies, an e-mail will be sent to the end recipient with a link to log in using the end-user’s user name and password to download the file(s), or if the downloadable product was purchased on-line, then an e-mail from the online order will be sent with a link download. - The end user will then have to log in with their user name and password. - Downloadable items can also be retrieved on IPC’s website by clicking on “Manage My Account” in the upper right hand corner, logging in with user name and password, and then clicking on “My Downloads”. - Only current active downloads will have a download button. - Downloadable products are active for one year with no limitation on number of downloads within that time frame.
- Note: Single user downloads are read only and cannot be printed.

I purchased a downloadable document, but am having an issue opening/viewing it.
In most instances, the following should fix the problem: As the downloadable file is in PDF format, you need to have Adobe Reader installed. Popup blocker may be preventing the download job to run. - Switching to a different browser or computer may be needed. - If you continue to have issues with the download, please contact IPC Member Support department at +1 847-597-2862 or e-mail and we will work with you to fix the issue.