IPC Europe / IPC Russia

In 2003, IPC opened a European representative office in order to provide better, more timely service to the industry in Europe. The goal was also to establish a more active ear, to listen to our members and adjust programming to better meet their needs. The IPC European Representative is responsible for working closely with IPC distributors who sell IPC standards throughout Europe.

In 2009, IPC hired a representative in Russia to enhance the efforts already underway in Europe and address companies doing business in the Russian Language.

IPC Europe and IPC Russia have been working to raise the visibility of IPC and its programs in order to help electronics manufacturers increase employees' technical knowledge, improve quality and enhance profitability and success. One important goal is also to invite companies to participate locally in IPC standards, certification, management councils and other IPC industry programs.

Employees who participate in standards development activities will gain knowledge about industry standards, enhance their leadership skills and will become more valuable to their companies.

Lars Wallin is based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has had more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing in the electronics industry working for companies involved in both PCB and electronics assembly. He has successfully run his own consulting company Lowek since 1993. He is an instructor at The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden lecturing in electronic production, industrial marketing and presentation techniques. Lars is a renowned speaker in Sweden and has given lectures in more than a dozen countries. Lars speaks Swedish, English and German.

Mr. Lars-Olof Wallin
IPC European Representative

c/o Lowek, Gurlitavagen 17
S-168 39 Bromma
W: +46 8 26 10 07
M: +46 70 212 74 39
F: +1 847-597-2976

Yury Kovalevsky is based in Moscow, Russia. He was hired as an adjustment engineer at MNPP Saturn Ltd. in 2000 and from 2001 to 2005, he served as head of the design and manufacturing department for the company. He was responsible for preparing PCB and electronic units for manufacturing and SMT process development. In 2002, he graduated from Moscow State Technological University (MSTU) named after Bauman, where he was an assistant in department IU-4, Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Equipment. From 2005 through 2007, he was district sales engineer (Central and South Russia) for Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH. Since 2007, he has been the general director of the Center of Technological Information for Producers of Electronics ltd. and also heads an Internet portal for producers of electronics, Elinform.ru.

Mr. Yury Kovalevsky
IPC Russian Representative

IPC Russian Representative Office
Vitebskaya Street 9, Bldg 3
121354 Moscow
W: +7 495 679 24 07