Electronics Assembly Standards IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 Updated to Cover More Advanced Technologies

Two seminal standards for electronic assemblies, J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610, have been updated. They now cover more advanced technologies than the previous versions, and they’re also easier to understand.

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Many Factors Contribute to Upbeat North American PCB Outlook

The North American PCB industry is increasing its production and spending more on R&D. Those are just a couple of the upbeat data points in IPC's 2013-2014 Analysis & Forecast for the PCB Industry in North America report.

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Effective Tin Whisker Prevention – Their Causes and How to Prevent Them

Dr. Werner Hügel, Robert Bosch GmbH, will present "Whisker Prevention and the Relevance of Plating Conditions" during the CALCE Annual Tin Whiskers Symposium at IPC TechSummit.

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February 24-26, 2015 San Diego, Calif., USA

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