List of IPC Certified Designers
CID (certified Interconnect Designer-basic) and CID+ (advanced)

This page serves as verification of Certified status: individuals listed here have achieved a passing grade on the IPC Designer Certification Exam.

IPC Designer Certification

This professional development program provides objective evaluation of core competencies in design, based upon industry standards rather than specifications of just one company. Courses enhance and assess technical knowledge: how to transform an electrical circuit description into a reliable PCB design that can be manufactured, assembled, tested.

Certification demonstrates a real commitment to excellence.
Your personal – and organizational – investment in continuing education and professional development makes a difference to employers and their customers.

CID (Certified Interconnect Designer-Basic) and CID+ (Advanced) are valuable professional credentials recognized throughout the electronics industry.

Find a complete program description here

Certified designers may use the appropriate logo to identify themselves:
business cards, e-mail signatures, and in promotional materials.

Right-click the logo links below to download them to your computer.

CID logo or CID+ logo

If you are a Certified designer and your name does not appear on these pages, please contact and provide your complete contact information, date and location of Exam, and instructor name.

If you are a Certified Designer and you have changed employers, please update your contact information online at


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All Certified Designers

NameProfessional DesignationCompany
J, Divya CID Rockwell Automation India Pvt. Ltd.
Jaafar, Nor Azman CID Qimonda (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.
JABALLAH, Athmane CID TPL Systemes
Jabatan, Kristian Joel SeminioCID Analog Devices (GT) Inc
Jabbaz, Patrick G.CID Ubiquiti Networks
Jabri, Ayman CID CID+ BD
Jaccard, Frederick CID Cypress Semiconductor
Jackson, Derek CID CID+ Altium LLC
Jackson, Douglas CID
Jackson, James O.CID Oztronics
Jackson, Kevin CID Accelerated Encryption Processing Ltd.
Jackson, Martin AndrewCID+ Tait Communications
Jackson, Michael CID BlackBerry
Jackson, Peter WCID
Jackson, Simon CID Quadra Solutions Limited
Jackson, Steven CID Nortel Networks
Jacobellis, Michael F.CID+ Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jacobs, Carsten CID+ Fraunhofer Institut, FHR/MHS
Jacobs, Kevin CID DisplayLink
Jacobson, John CID
Jacoby, Bruce E.CID Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & Training
Jacome Reinoso, Sonia P.CID ASML US Inc. - Lithography Division
Jadhav, Manohar CID HCL Technologies Ltd.
Jaeger, Nancy A.CID Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control
Jagadeesan, Vigneswaran CID Rotork Controls India Pvt. Ltd.
Jain, Manish CID Agilent Technologies
Jaiswal, Virender CID Deeya Energy
Jakubowski, Tomasz CID
Jalbuena, Myla CID Abbott
Jamal, Nurhafizah BTCID
Jamalludin, Muhammad NabilCID Sony EMCS (M) Sdn Bhd
James, Aneek ECID Columbia University
James, Armon HCID
James, Clare LouiseCID Cochlear Ltd
James, Robert CID+ Shure Inc.
James, Ronald E.CID UT Electronic Controls
James, Susan C.CID
Jameson, Wade CID JFS Embedded Solutions, LLC
Jamison, Katherine CID Honeywell Aerospace
Jandorf, Johannes CID Semikron Elektronik GmbH Co. KG
Jangcan, Katherine QuintosCID Plexus Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Janian, Andreh CID
Janicek, Jay A.CID Raytheon Missile Systems
Janik, Peter CID Bernstein AG
Janke, Andreas CID Becker Avionics GmbH
Jansen, Andreas CID
Jansen, Uwe CID+ Delphi Delco Electronics Europe GmbH
Janssen, Eric CID UTC Aerospace Systems
Janssen, Fons CID Maxim Integrated
Jaramillo Jaramillo, Ivan CID